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It has been 4 years since my last post and quite a bit has transpired.  I ended up landing a dream job as a nurse practitioner.  But with the job came much more than I had bargained for.  You can continue following me on my journey….

This post was intended to be published on Monday December 11, 2017… but ya know, life gets in the way.



A New Day. A New Place. A New Start.


So today was the first day of my new job: being a stay-at-home mom (until I start working again). If you know me, then you know I have been a workaholic for the last 4.5 years. The last three of those were as a working mother.


The days were long. I loved what I did and all the people I worked with. But there was no doubt it was taking a toll on our family. I would take my stress out on my family, was hardly ever able to be a mom and do mom things (go to preschool events, doctors appointments, play in the evenings), and left an unfair load of responsibility on the shoulders of my superhuman husband.


I had an epiphany when a co-worker and I were talking about mom guilt as a working mother. She had been fortunate enough to stay at home with her now grown kids, until they were older. She told me, “Ya know what, you will never hear a mother say that she regrets spending time with her children, but a mother would tell you that they regret not spending enough time with their kids. You can’t get those years back.”


And that was it.


That was all I needed to hear, to solidify every feeling I had brewing inside me for the last three years. I knew my priorities needed to change, but didn’t know how it would happen. I prayed and prayed and prayed every single day about it and that whatever God’s will was, would be done.



It was not an easy decision when the news came that my husband had been offered a position out of state, far away from family, friends, and all we had ever known in Florida. At that time it seemed like a distant possibility, but when it came to fruition, I was left speechless. The opportunity was too good to pass up.


My husband is a saint who has supported me through all the tears, sweat, and stress including going back to school for a masters, being Mr. Mom, and working my dream job till all hours of the night. This new job was his chance to do something he had always dreamed of doing since he was a teenager. I knew it was my opportunity to support him, allow his career to flourish, and let him become the professional he had always wanted to be.



So here we are.


We packed up and sold our first single family home in Tampa and drove 950 miles to Maryland to start all over. To change our priorities in life. To have the quality family time we were lacking. To focus on the important things in life that were slipping through our hands.


It is scary. Our nearest family members are 3-4 hours away. We are learning our way around the city. We are driving in snow and ice! (What IS that?!) We are cramped into half the square footage of our previous home. I still need to find a preschool for our son and establish his doctors. We have no idea what we are doing or where we are! But we signed up for this, right?


Today, our movers arrived at o’dark thirty and our home is now filled with boxes that need to be unpacked. A word of advice to any new stay-at-home mom with a three-nager- do NOT plan to be the only adult in your home while movers unload your goods. I was pretty sure I would have a panic attack, but we all survived and the boy is down for a nap now.


During my approximately 2 hours of quiet time (aka P’s nap time), I really should have started unpacking boxes and got the show on the road. Instead, I made a hot cup of tea and sat at our dinning room table, which is surrounded by windows with a view of the woods in our back yard. The light was shining through the windows and glowing into the room. It was magnificently beautiful. It made me cry.


So, I sit here, on my first day of the job, taking in all that is new and remembering in the midst of the chaos to be thankful. What a beautiful journey we are on. An exciting and sometimes scary adventure with my two guys. In my moment of thanks, I realized God answered my prayers. A new day, a new place, a new start.



When the world tells you no, just tell yourself “yes.”


Well, it’s done.  I made it alive, but barely breathing. I graduated.  Passed boards.  Got licensed.  Now that I’ve accumulated enough letters behind my name to compete with the alphabet, it’s time to make my way back to the working world.  It has been quite the change actually having a second to breathe, wondering what I would like to do with my days, cooking dinners with my husband, and cuddling with my family. A nice change.  Unfortunately, there is always something in life that grabs hold of your leg and drags you back to earth when you’re feeling like you’re on cloud nine.

That nirvana buster would be my job search.

For the past couple months Em and I have been on the tightest budget that you could imagine.  We clip every coupon, make our groceries go as far as possible, spend our weekends home, stopped eating dinner out, even evaded necessary doctors appointments to forgo the co-pay.  It’s not fun.  It sucks.  It’s a constant reminder that I’m failing at begining my career.  It isn’t like I haven’t had any bites, the problem is that nothing seems to be working out in our favor.  At least that’s how it seems.

I understand and agree that the first job will not be you last one and that everyone has to sacrifice a little, but I do not believe that one should sacrifice their family and happiness purely for an income.  Have you ever stopped and seriously thought about what happens when you die? Honestly.  Stop what you’re doing and think about death.  Think about how there is nothing left.  How everything is gone.  Life is over.  Think about how it could happen the moment you leave in the morning, or during a lunch break.  It’s a little scary and puts life in perspective.  What are your priorities in this short life? If you ask me, enjoying every little bit of life and spending as much time with my family are my priorities.

So how does this relate to my job search…  well, one position I was offered in Atlanta was very attractive, until the contract came.  5 days PTO, less of a salary than I made as a nurse, on call every other weekend… seriously? Do I look like your work horse? Do I look like I don’t have a family? I had prayed for clarity earlier that week, and that contract was all the clarity I needed.  Another position in Athens had the whole philosophy of medicine wrapped up in a businessman’s tie.  They supported anything that went against the Hippocratic Oath.  Sorry Charlie.  And finally, my current job prospect, which I would love more than anything to have work out.  A job I finally feel passionate about.  A job I can see myself raising kids with, taking vacations with, growing professionally with.  After viewing a sample contract and probing further in regards to FMLA and competition clauses, I have been ignored for the past 3 days.  No answers. Fell off the face of the earth. Is it wrong to inquire about contractual wording? To ask for clarification that I may not lose my job in the instance I want to have a family?

This brings me to a whole other blog post in regards to the inequality that still exists for women and employment.  The pressure to hold off on having children due to the inconvenience it causes your employer is mounting more than ever. Un-freaking-believable.  It’s 2013 for God’s sake.  If I want to have a child, I should not be chastized for doing so. Call me a hippie or a feminist. Frankly I don’t care. My family will ALWAYS come first, and if you want to fire me for bringing life into this world, then I didn’t need to work for you in the first place.

I digress. So this whole job search is a daily struggle.  Over the past month I have applied to 50+ positions and have only heard back from a handful.  It gets tough and you feel like a let down.  Very disheartening.  Kind of makes you not want to get out of bed.  But I do.  I wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed, and get back to the hunt.

I know there’s something good out there.  I know there is someone who wants my services and believes in the virtues of living your life and family first.  Which brings me to the use of positive affirmations.  Sometimes you really do need to do a little bit of affirmation work when the odds seem stacked against you.  Here are a few that I’ve  come to like over the past few weeks.  These have been taken from:

1. I have every bit as much brightness to offer to the world as the next person.

2. I trust my inner light and intuition to guide me

3.  I know the situation will work out for my highest good.

4. I may not understand the good in this situation yet, but it is there.

5. I refuse to give up because I haven’t tried all possible ways yet.

6. I do not settle for boring, meaningless, and frustrating work.

7. I believe in my ability to change the world on a small smale with the work that I do.

8.  All that I need will come to me at the right time and place in this life.

Although it is hard to believe the words I say, I have to keep repeating them, and knowing that it will all work out.  Keep your chin up kid.  I hope this provides some positive to your day.


Filling you in on what’s been going on.


My birthday month.  I had a great August eventhough the next semester was rapidly approaching.  I had my best friend come visit me and help me in covert operation: Summertime Boudoir.  I had arranged to take secret boudoir photos for Em for our upcoming 1st anniversary.  I was so pleased with the outcome and so was he, but whew- we almost got caught! If you ever need photography I highly recommend Angel He: She has done our engagement photos, wedding photos, and boudoir photos.  So many of my friends have used her since us, and they love her just the same! Go check her out!

Em’s surprise gift


As you all know, I am an avid runner. Okay take that back- I was an avid runner until I hurt my knee this past September. Myself, brother, sister-in-law, and best friend did the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon. It was really neat since the race was late at night, but it doesn’t compare to the Disney Princess half marathon I ran with Christine in 2010. I was so proud of everyone on our team “O.W.W.I.E.” (only we would injure everything), especially my mother and her best friend who ran their first 5k that weekend!

Disney Wine + Dine Half Marathon




School. And a visit to Fairhope, Alabama for lectures and seminars.


School. And a nice trip to Gainesville for the holidays with our family. But then right back to Spring semester.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Em and I took a spur of the moment vacation to the Blue Ridge mountains in Georgia.  We stayed in a beauuuuutiful cabin with the most awesome view.  We didn’t have enough time to do all we wanted but it was still a great R +R trip.  We did manage to go to Mercier’s Orchard, Dahlonega to pan gold, and we got to play in….

Blue Ridge, GA

Mercier’s Orchard

SNOW!!!! You know us Floridians are crazy about seeing snow!  We had been joking about it seeing as how the temps were in the teens, and WHAM! We got a whole evening of snow flurries. You better believe we made snowballs, snowangels, firepits, and s’mores!

Snowballs. Literally.


School.  Sensing a pattern?


This little guy came!  Say hello to my new 2nd generation cousin and newest member of Team Numb Nuts + The Lobstars! *Woo ooooh* Isn’t he a cutie patootie?!

Baby Gabriel.


School. Duh.


Grab your camera and keep your hands and arms inside the carpet cause we are on our way to the Middle East! Never EVER did I EVER think the Middle East would be the first place on my wanderlust list that I would tackle.  I never thought we would be able to afford visiting Dubai, let alone Abu Dhabi.  Em’s work sent him to Abu Dhabi for 5 weeks and guess who got to come along? ME! We took the > 24 hour flight into D.C., then Frankfurt, Germany for a 7 hour layover (Das German’s Lufthansa has crappy food and cramped seats), and finally moved into our apartment in Abu Dhabi.  It was GORGEOUS. The people are so kind, the taxi drivers scary, and the architecture- MAGNIFICENT.

We took the first day and spent a night in Dubai.  The best way to describe Dubai would be: Vegas meets Miami meets the desert. We roamed, shopped the souks, and spent time at Ritz-Carlton’s beach club on Dubai Marina (watch out for sea snakes!).  Pristine.  Golden.  And sadly- crumbling.  It’s not hard to look past the fancy buildings and crowds of forgeiners to see that Dubai’s infrastructure will one day topple.  It will eventually become another Atlantis, unless the corporate businesses continue to flourish.  Unfortunately, in this current economic climate, it looks as though things will continue to head south.  Let’s just say, if the cost of our hotel room is any reflection of how bad they are hurting for business- it’s not looking good.  We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai Financial Center for less than $200 a night.  See what I mean? In Dubai.  That’s what gets me.

Abu Dhabi was phenomenal.  THAT emirate will be around forever.  The history is fascinating.  Saaidyat Island is gorgeous, so is Yas, all the fabulous souks, malls, and even the food. We went to Sheik Zayed Grande Mosque and saw the most breathtaking architecture ever.  Marble, gold, jewels, pearls, gemstones, you name it- they used it to build.

Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Inside of the grande mosque

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE. The world’s Tallest Building.

The trip was one I will never forget, but having to leave my husband in Abu Dhabi for another month without getting to show him PDA at the airport was something I would rather not have had to deal with.  Regardless, he made it back to me early (yay!) and safe and sound.  He’ll be headed back for another 5 weeks in August.


I seriously have the best friend in the world.  She knew that I was going to be lonely and mopey without my hubby, so she decided to find herself a cheap Spirit Airlines $1 flight (yes, I’m serious!) and come stay a weekend with me! YAY! We went to Anna Maria Island, Ciro’s Speakeasy, and had ourselves some yummy Kilwin’s ice cream in cones! It was just the getaway she needed, and just the destraction that I needed!

The bestie at AMI


Well, here we are.  I’m happy to report that my INTENSE summer semester is complete and I am on my way into the very LAST semester of grad school! Can you believe that? I started writing again on this blog when I first started school- WOW- I can’t believe how far I’ve come.  I can’t wait to finally have a life again, spend time with my husband, friends, and family, and to begin a new chapter in my life.  It’s so very exciting! It will be especially nice not to get this look anymore from my doggie:

Mah doggie doesn’t like to read.

Breaks my heart! So as we speak I am getting ready to finally eat dinner out with my husband (so unusual!) and begin to enjoy my fast 3 week break from school.  I hope to get on here a few more times during my break so we can chat about other stuff! Hope you’re going well! Happy summer!

So much to say.. where to start?

There has been so much going on over here to update you on! 

Let’s go back to last week.  I’m still working on distressing/antiquing our furniture, and I’ve made it as far as the giant desk!  Great progress and they’re looking spiffy.  I’ll post later this week with the before and after photos.  🙂

 Last Friday I decided to make home-made from scratch Vaca Frita! It was quite an accomplishment for me! I used the recipe from   – Esther’s vaca frita, is well, amazing!

Here were my ingredients:

And this was the final product:

The critics where very pleased! It was a relatively easy recipe to follow and the flavor was delish!

Next off…. Saturday we did some shopping for the house at Pottery Barn.  Mmm yeah.  We all know how that ends.  Needless to say, an unGodly amount of money spent later and we left with 2 new pillow cases and a long throw pillow (which I will also put pictures up of later this week). I’m obsessed with that store.   There is so much in there I wish I could afford and use in our room! While in there I saw this:

I L-O-V-E this blue and red worn #5 buoy.  Too bad it’s uber expensive.  😦  There was also a super adorable wooden rowing paddle and neat map candles… *sigh*

Onto Sunday.  Em and I woke up early and drove down to Anna Maria.  Remember that gorgeous place I showed you photos of in my post on Thanking God? Yep, that’s where we went again.  This time it was slam packed and the water was a little bit rougher; nonetheless, it was still gorgeous and serene.  We met up with one of my best friends Nikki, her husband Josh, and their edible 7 month old, Jaiden.  We played in the water, lounged, laughed, talked, ate, and drank in the sea and sun from 10 am until around 4.  You had to pry us away from our favorite spot.  Naturally we had lunch at the Sandbar, and you KNOW I had myself another mango colada! 

I figured that this day would be the best photo-op for great candid shots of baby J.  He’s extremely photogenic and he is in love with water!  (Obviously my nephew)  lol.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from Anna Maria:

Mommy and Daddy just gave him a sunscreen mohawk, now he’s giving me a people’s eyebrow.

Such a great shot of Jaiden.

What a goofy boy.

What a smile that seahorse gave him!

Well my friends, that’s all I’m going to post for today, there’s plenty more for me to blog about tomorrow.  Oh! We’ll be getting our wedding album tomorrow as well!  I can’t wait to see Angel and her amazing work!! Yipee!  Have a great night everyone – I’m off to run with my sis in law!

>You may find yourself where you least expect to.

Like in Tampa- unloading your life into a new room…

My oh my, has it really been over a month since the last time I blogged? I do apologize! And obviously I cannot keep up with my side of the deal! Well, as I told you in my previous posts, Em and I have moved back to T-town. He took up his old job with a whole lot of extra goodies from the company and I wound down a little bit to a part time gig and full time school work. I’m now working for a third party medical review company doing quality assurance on claims. I was a bit worried to be losing my bedside skills as a nurse, but I came to the realization that as a nurse practitioner I will no longer be using those skills and will be on the flip side. In reality, this job is actually helping me with school and becoming an FNP! I analyze cases regarding pathologic processes I have studied, and I learn how MD’s, PA’s, and ARNP’s play detective in diagnosing and prescribing treatment. I am forever thankful for the flexibility this job has given me- I work at home, make my own hours, and enjoy it! School on the other hand has been a pain in the big ol’ booty. I cannot wait to be finished with this semester after Friday. Luckily I have about 2 weeks of respite before the next joyous semester begins. Beh. I’m planning on spending extra time working, running, and going to the beach!

Well, as you saw above, that was our room when we moved into our townhouse in Tampa. It’s come a long way since then… but I’m not going to put up any more pictures until we’re finished… it could be a while so don’t hold your breath. It took us the last month to prime, paint, set up a bookcase and our curtains. Let’s just say, we’ve been even busier since we moved back and I had a severe case of commitment phobia with our paint color. I must say though that I am quite pleased with the outcome, but there is still a LOT of work to be done. The desk and night stands have to be painted and distressed, we need new bedding, throw/decorative pillows, and a rug…. then we move onto the bathroom remodel…. and that’s a whole OTHER nightmare.

Luckily I have stumbled upon this amazing blog called The Lettered Cottage. It’s an interior design and DIY project blog written by Kev & Layla Palmer, an amazing husband and wife duo who have a real gift for vintage and cottage designing. My favorite part of their blog is the mouseover before and afters that they put together for their readers.

Here’s a couple ideas we from The Lettered Cottage that we are going to attempt to incorporate into our bathroom project:

We like the open and pure white cabinetry, so nice and easy.

We aren’t crazy about the curtains in this one, but we really love the idea of the natural wood vanity with white cabinets and a porcelain white bowl. We LOOOVE farmhouse sinks, but haven’t found one that was inexpensive or the right size for our bathroom! 😦

Aside from school, work, running, and decorating, I’ve been attempting to be more Martha Stewart, errr Julia Child (I love her as many of you know) and do more house-wifey things… like baking. Everyone in our home loves cookies, so I followed the recipe on the Quaker Oats lid and made some good old fashioned made from scratch oatmeal cookies. They were delicious warm and with a glass of cold milk…. and they were most definitely a hit!

Can’t you just smell them? 🙂

>On a day with non-to-do lists

Today was the epitome of “The Lazy Song,” and I enjoyed every second of it. It was a day filled with what my best friend and I have called “non-to-do lists.” My non-to-do list today included:

  1. A great 5k run with my bestie
  2. A fabulous Publix sub lunch staring at the ocean
  3. A swim in the sea and the bestie
  4. Golden crisping my skin in sea salt and sunshine
  5. Getting re-aligned by my favorite chiropractor
  6. Setting up my new iPhone (Finally!)
  7. Cooking baked brie, fruits, and artichoke chicken salad for my hubby
  8. Relaxing at home with Em and the girls

Notice how no where in my non-to-do list was there pay the bills, fold the laundry, empty the dishes, write a paper, study for adv patho, work… yeah… basically a way of saying- today was the best day in a long time.

I propose that everyone should be entitled to a non-to-do list day at least once a month. Life gets so busy and we get wrapped up in our little bubbles. Sometimes it is necessary to pop that bubble and restore some normalcy to our lives. Unfortunately, my non-to-do list day will end as of 8 am-ish tomorrow, as I begin to study for my next exam and watch an online lecture. I’ll continue to take some time for myself… well.. accomplish some chores… hoping to wash Sasha (that’s my car which I named to suit her German fierce-ness) and get some pre-moving bathroom shopping done. Then comes some green beer and good food with our friends at The Pub in celebration of St. Patty’s. Tomorrow should turn out to be a pretty good day too. 🙂

My picture for today is- “Something you love.” Love just might be an understatement. Look at that face, we have deep conversations and she totally gets me.

My love, Nee Nee:

>Rise and shine sunshine.

My post to you this morning is from my “work station” in my parent’s house- its really just the dining room table with all my research papers spread around it. My husband and I are housesitting for the week while the family is in Orlando with close friends from Texas. I really wish we could have joined them, but unfortunately Em has to work and I have grad school work on this glorious “Spring Break.” Big news… Em and I are leaving sunny SoFla and moving back to Tampa for the next year and a half. Em got a fantastic job offer with his old company in Tampa, and I will be focusing mainly on Grad School instead of work. Em has brought it to my attention that he does not want me to work 40 hours a week and do school at the same time anymore. I’ve been a neglectful wife spending most nights and weekends with my head in the books. I honestly appreciate the gesture and I think it will be for the best. Luckily, we’ve both lived there before and have friends who live in that area – as well as my townhouse to move back into. Its a bittersweet feeling. Great for the fact that him and I need to get away from this house, and that Em can finally have the breadwinning to make him feel more like the man I know he wants to be. Also great in that I won’t work myself into the ground anymore with school and work… but so sad in that I am leaving my best friend, my family, and my love of south Florida. This place is so unique and beautiful, and I know I’ll be back again.

So anywho- I’m trying out this staying at home thing for the week, my Doc is on vacay, so I used my PTO and decided it would be a great chance to get caught up on work. As you can see it is now 11 am and I have yet to start typing my research paper for the day. *Sigh* If this is a reflection of how it is going to be in Tampa, then I seriously need to work on making a routine. I’ll get on that. So the plan for today is a little blog, a lot of writing, and some time outside doing yard work when the hubs gets home.

I sitll don’t know the direction I’m taking this blog yet, hopefully it will form over the next months as my move begins. Big changes in life ahead. Big. I’m teetering on sharing more of myself with the blog, I’m just a little hesitant to exposure on the internet past FB. Ahhh my crap is all out there anyway… what the heck.

Speaking of FB, they have this 30 day challenge going on where you make an album and fill it with photos that explain some part of you. Sooo… instead of doing it on FB … I’ll try and do a little something on here daily with photos and myself. So today is – posting a photo of something that makes you happy. Today I woke up at 10, the first time in eons I have slept in past 8 am, and I ran to the coffee pot. This blog is dedicated to the nice piping hot cup of coffee I am currently sipping while noshing on my yummy madeline.

Coffee oh coffee, how you put on a smile on my face. Honeslty, this photo is 2-fold. Two things that I am madly in love with- the sea and that big white cup of cafe.

Image credit:

>Today I did some last minute Christmas shopping at one of my most favorite kitchen supply stores- Sur la Table. In the instant I started roaming the isles looking at all of the new “French Country” decor and cutlery, I began daydreaming about my future kitchen. And so, I am dedicating this post to all the beautiful French countryside cottages and farmhouses which have inspired my vision of my dream kitchen.

The kitchen I’ve been fantasizing about has been a colaboration of inspiring images and flavors from movies I’ve seen. I think about the old World War I French farmhouse that Lucienne has in the movie Flyboys, the kitchen and home Julia Child owned in France in the movie Julie & Julia, and the World War I Farmhouse that my favorite restaurant, The 94th Aero Squadron, resides in.

Now if only I could get my hands on all those amazing pots, pans, and cooking utensils that Julia Child had back in France!
I dream about the washed and neutral woods, the white dishes, the grey colors, and the bright sunlight coming in through the windows…
 But I also dream about the hanging pots, stone ovens, gas stovetops, and a crackling fire.
 How beautiful would this quote be in your kitchen? A French favorite from the book, Le Petit Prince: “On ne voit, bien qu’avec le coeur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.” Translated to English: “One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.” Beautiful.
 I dream of glass and porcelain jars filled with the freshest of herbs and spices… lining my countertops and sparkling in the sunlight.

 Herb gardens in mason jars.

I can even smell my most favorite herb in my kitchen- lavender- sitting in bundles of bright purple against the whites and greys of the countertops.

And in my kitchen there will always be hot tea and baguettes or croissants on those worn wooden tables, a large window as a conversation piece, and good company to make life all the more worth living.

C’est la vie

> 1. I’ve come to realize that my butt:
Is where all the black beans & rice went… good LORD it’s huge. But that butt says a lot about where I’ve come from. lol.

2. I’ve come to realize that when I talk:
I really try to think about what I say before I say it, and how it affects those listening.

3. I’ve come to realize that, when I love someone:
I give them all of me and don’t hold back- I fall head over heels.

4. I’ve come to realize that I need:
to give myself all that I deserve- never settle and never sell myself short.

5. I’ve come to realize that I lost:
nothing. There’s always a rhyme & a reason for everything.

6. I’ve come to realize that I hate it when:
people waste time on petty situations. I’ve seen too much life and death in my career- It’s helped me to get rid of the crap in my life that just doesn’t matter.. because in the end all you have is yourself and those who love you.

7. I’ve come to realize that if I’m drunk:
the truth will come out. I laugh loudly and let my hair down. It’s my cuban loudness to the 9th degree.

8. I’ve come to realize that money:
is a pain in my ass that will never go away. I only need it to eat and put shelter over my head, and it won’t ever buy happiness.

9. I’ve come to realize that most people:
are too busy to see the real reason they are here. Most people need to stop and truly live life for every day they’re given.

10. I’ve come to realize that I’ll always be:
me. And no one can take that away.

11. I’ve come to realize that I have a crush on:
a man that I will probably never have a chance with again. And you know what- that’s ok, because there’s someone out there that will bring me more happiness and love than I could have ever imagined possible, even if it isn’t him.

12. I’ve come to realize that the last time I cried It was:
a long time ago. Crying stopped when I realized that life is too short to worry about the small stuff.

13. I’ve come to realize that my cell phone is:
my friend and my enemy.

14. I’ve come to realize that when I woke up this morning:
I was at ease to remember that I was in a house with a whole lot of love and memories.

15. I’ve come to realize that before I go to sleep at night:
I think of my aspirations, I think of all the things I’m thankful for, I say a prayer for everyone who needs help, and say a prayer for myself so that I can be strong and wise the next day to make all the best choices in life.

16. I’ve come to realize that right now I am thinking about:
making a major move in my life. My family dynamics are changing and they are most important to me. It’s almost time to move where I’m needed… I know it even if they won’t say a word to me.

17. I’ve come to realize that babies:
are the product of love, and not necessarily the love of two people. But the love of God- surely he makes some beautiful creatures.

18. I’ve come to realize that when I get on Myspace:
I love to read and see the changes in my friends’ lives. It’s exciting and amazing to see how life changes and where each road takes us.

19. I’ve come to realize that today I will:
enjoy the time I have with my family and friends.

20. I’ve come to realize that tonight I will:
sleep soundly.

21. I’ve come to realize that tomorrow I will:
live tomorrow as it comes.

22. I’ve come to realize that I really want to:
remain happy, remain independent, live my life to the fullest, never pass up a chance, do everything I can, go everywhere I can, accomplish all I set out to do, continue to touch and change people’s lives, provide love and life to my present and future family, and keep a good head on my shoulders.

>This is a place for my head, my thoughts, the parts of me. I’m going to attempt to write here in my space as often as I can. Words are good soul food. Input from others provides insight and different points of view. This is my hundredth blog, but this one will be different from the rest. I will remain anonymous. If you find me- you find me. If no one reads, then it is but for myself, but if you happen to stumble upon my thoughts, then leave a comment. Tell me what you feel. Probe my brain, arouse my feelings, awaken my senses. I’m here to learn more about myself- through myself and through others.

.2008 intentions.
I refuse to call them my New Years resolutions. They are never truly resolving much of anything. They are more my intentions to improve upon myself- modes of betterment, ways to enhance what already is.

` `Be happy with my life and job

If I am not happy living where I am, I should move. If I do not like my job, I should seek a fulfilling profession. If I feel that I am not accomplishing things, I should set out to accomplish more.

“Eat Intuitively

No diet. Eat foods that make me feel better. More emphasis on fresh, savor the sweet and delectables. Each slowly, think about my food, eat like the French and make meals celebrations. Eat to live not live to eat.

“Tone my bodice

Not work out like a madwoman. Yoga as often as possible, hot yoga to detox. Enjoy a run, be outdoors, swim, walk, bike ride. Love my body and accept it.

“Find my way back to home

By home I mean the religion I once breathed. I miss my spirituality. I seemed to have lost it somewhere with a disbelief that a heavenly host exists in much that I’ve experienced and all that I’ve seen happen to people in my profession as a nurse. Attending Mass, praying, meditating

“Reveling in the sea.

Obtaining my scuba license. To breathe in an environment not meant for humans, to learn to love and appreciate life and creatures which I have not yet seen.

“Be a vagabond

Travel. Travel. Travel. Get away from my comfort zone, experience all there is. Learn, be cultured.

“Ink me

Mark my skin to remind myself that I should always strive to be like a lotus blossom- wise, and forever blooming and growing.


Pick up the phone and call family. No excuse this time around. They will not be here forever, and neither will I. Time never spent, is forever lost.

“Certificate thyself

Yogi, forensic nurse, nursing informatics, ACLS…. all should be worked on. CEU’s up to date.

“Embellish my hobbies

Photography, interpretation of languages, books, dance, sketching, painting, music, surfing….. do all I can with hobbies.

“Develop my company

Work with another to develop and pursue dreams. Sketch, color, create reality.

“Write a book

serious, quotes, thoughts, silly, children, experiences, life….. when you’ve always wanted to write… do it.