Filling you in on what’s been going on.


My birthday month.  I had a great August eventhough the next semester was rapidly approaching.  I had my best friend come visit me and help me in covert operation: Summertime Boudoir.  I had arranged to take secret boudoir photos for Em for our upcoming 1st anniversary.  I was so pleased with the outcome and so was he, but whew- we almost got caught! If you ever need photography I highly recommend Angel He: She has done our engagement photos, wedding photos, and boudoir photos.  So many of my friends have used her since us, and they love her just the same! Go check her out!

Em’s surprise gift


As you all know, I am an avid runner. Okay take that back- I was an avid runner until I hurt my knee this past September. Myself, brother, sister-in-law, and best friend did the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon. It was really neat since the race was late at night, but it doesn’t compare to the Disney Princess half marathon I ran with Christine in 2010. I was so proud of everyone on our team “O.W.W.I.E.” (only we would injure everything), especially my mother and her best friend who ran their first 5k that weekend!

Disney Wine + Dine Half Marathon




School. And a visit to Fairhope, Alabama for lectures and seminars.


School. And a nice trip to Gainesville for the holidays with our family. But then right back to Spring semester.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Em and I took a spur of the moment vacation to the Blue Ridge mountains in Georgia.  We stayed in a beauuuuutiful cabin with the most awesome view.  We didn’t have enough time to do all we wanted but it was still a great R +R trip.  We did manage to go to Mercier’s Orchard, Dahlonega to pan gold, and we got to play in….

Blue Ridge, GA

Mercier’s Orchard

SNOW!!!! You know us Floridians are crazy about seeing snow!  We had been joking about it seeing as how the temps were in the teens, and WHAM! We got a whole evening of snow flurries. You better believe we made snowballs, snowangels, firepits, and s’mores!

Snowballs. Literally.


School.  Sensing a pattern?


This little guy came!  Say hello to my new 2nd generation cousin and newest member of Team Numb Nuts + The Lobstars! *Woo ooooh* Isn’t he a cutie patootie?!

Baby Gabriel.


School. Duh.


Grab your camera and keep your hands and arms inside the carpet cause we are on our way to the Middle East! Never EVER did I EVER think the Middle East would be the first place on my wanderlust list that I would tackle.  I never thought we would be able to afford visiting Dubai, let alone Abu Dhabi.  Em’s work sent him to Abu Dhabi for 5 weeks and guess who got to come along? ME! We took the > 24 hour flight into D.C., then Frankfurt, Germany for a 7 hour layover (Das German’s Lufthansa has crappy food and cramped seats), and finally moved into our apartment in Abu Dhabi.  It was GORGEOUS. The people are so kind, the taxi drivers scary, and the architecture- MAGNIFICENT.

We took the first day and spent a night in Dubai.  The best way to describe Dubai would be: Vegas meets Miami meets the desert. We roamed, shopped the souks, and spent time at Ritz-Carlton’s beach club on Dubai Marina (watch out for sea snakes!).  Pristine.  Golden.  And sadly- crumbling.  It’s not hard to look past the fancy buildings and crowds of forgeiners to see that Dubai’s infrastructure will one day topple.  It will eventually become another Atlantis, unless the corporate businesses continue to flourish.  Unfortunately, in this current economic climate, it looks as though things will continue to head south.  Let’s just say, if the cost of our hotel room is any reflection of how bad they are hurting for business- it’s not looking good.  We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai Financial Center for less than $200 a night.  See what I mean? In Dubai.  That’s what gets me.

Abu Dhabi was phenomenal.  THAT emirate will be around forever.  The history is fascinating.  Saaidyat Island is gorgeous, so is Yas, all the fabulous souks, malls, and even the food. We went to Sheik Zayed Grande Mosque and saw the most breathtaking architecture ever.  Marble, gold, jewels, pearls, gemstones, you name it- they used it to build.

Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Inside of the grande mosque

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE. The world’s Tallest Building.

The trip was one I will never forget, but having to leave my husband in Abu Dhabi for another month without getting to show him PDA at the airport was something I would rather not have had to deal with.  Regardless, he made it back to me early (yay!) and safe and sound.  He’ll be headed back for another 5 weeks in August.


I seriously have the best friend in the world.  She knew that I was going to be lonely and mopey without my hubby, so she decided to find herself a cheap Spirit Airlines $1 flight (yes, I’m serious!) and come stay a weekend with me! YAY! We went to Anna Maria Island, Ciro’s Speakeasy, and had ourselves some yummy Kilwin’s ice cream in cones! It was just the getaway she needed, and just the destraction that I needed!

The bestie at AMI


Well, here we are.  I’m happy to report that my INTENSE summer semester is complete and I am on my way into the very LAST semester of grad school! Can you believe that? I started writing again on this blog when I first started school- WOW- I can’t believe how far I’ve come.  I can’t wait to finally have a life again, spend time with my husband, friends, and family, and to begin a new chapter in my life.  It’s so very exciting! It will be especially nice not to get this look anymore from my doggie:

Mah doggie doesn’t like to read.

Breaks my heart! So as we speak I am getting ready to finally eat dinner out with my husband (so unusual!) and begin to enjoy my fast 3 week break from school.  I hope to get on here a few more times during my break so we can chat about other stuff! Hope you’re going well! Happy summer!