Buzzing around, all over town…

Wow, so apparently I am not very good at blogging at regular intervals, so from now on I will not promise weekly (or even monthly for that matter) posts.  Things have been uber busy around here, and not in a bad way!

Lets rewind back to where we left off.


Still jobless, with hopes of finding something to fill the in between semester void and carry into a part time venture (little did I know the semester that was ahead) and remained unsucessful at finding anything.  So, I followed my husband’s instructions and put all my energy into finishing up our room.  Here’s a before and after of our room and the furniture which I distressed:



Came out nice right? 🙂 I’m proud of myself! So, after the room was completed we took a 3 day weekend and headed to St. Augustine/Crescent Beach to meet up with Em’s ex-roomie Kevin and his girlfriend, Kristin for some surfing action:

That one came out pretty neat huh?

 In St. Augustine we found the best sangria and fish taco’s ever at Madres! Yum-o!


The new summer semester began, and let me tell you, perhaps it was a blessing that I was no longer working- even part time! The semester became demanding and I began to spend 9+ hours a day studying straight.  I can’t wait to see just how crazy fall is going to be…

So early June we jetted to Dallas, Texas for my ‘cousin’ Shelby’s high school graduation.  From there we toured San Antonio, Austin, and Waco.  Talk about yummy food and heat! This would also be about the same time that my Miami Heat lost the championship to the Dallas Mavericks.  Boo.  Em was estatic…  Here are just a couple shots:

Juan in a Million (as seen on Man V Food!) ~ my breakfast ~ Chicken Tacos!

The Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX

June was also the month I got creative with baking and made some of these deadly chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes!:


4th of July. My favorite holiday.  This year Em and I traveled to Seaside, FL for his family reunion and Aunt & Uncle’s 25 year vow renewal.  If you have never been to Seaside or heard of it, just watch “The Truman Show” with Jim Carrey.  It is a pleasantville-type picturesque beachy town where everyone is happy, laid back, creative, riding a bike, and eating good food.  Minus the “June Grass” (algea) the beaches were filled with life and happiness.  Here are just a few photos:

The coastline

Fun in Seaside

Good old Americana July 4th and some Key Lime Pie on a Stick!

Airstream Food Stand drive, all lined up! Try the grilled cheese and Frost Bite stand!

My husband enjoying Reese + Cream Gelato. 

Beach and ice cream, isn’t that what summer is all about?

So that brings me to today.

July is half-way through and I’m finishing up the end of my summer semester (Thank GOD!).  We are in the midst of planning our big trip to europe for 2013 – my graduation gift! We have our Frommer’s Europe book and are going to start journaling itinerary ideas.  My main concern is spending enough time in Paris.  That’s all I want.  Paris.  We’re looking at early May before the tourist season strikes and possibly visiting Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, and Madrid.  If we get to see them all great, if not, I should repeat- all I want is P A R I S.  I can’t wait to take my camera out there and shoot… see the city of lights… and eat to my heart’s desire some of the most delectable and truly ‘savoureux’ dishes.  Shoot… I had brie and fruit with croissants for dinner last night- think I’m prepared? 😉

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Till next time!