So much to say.. where to start?

There has been so much going on over here to update you on! 

Let’s go back to last week.  I’m still working on distressing/antiquing our furniture, and I’ve made it as far as the giant desk!  Great progress and they’re looking spiffy.  I’ll post later this week with the before and after photos.  🙂

 Last Friday I decided to make home-made from scratch Vaca Frita! It was quite an accomplishment for me! I used the recipe from   – Esther’s vaca frita, is well, amazing!

Here were my ingredients:

And this was the final product:

The critics where very pleased! It was a relatively easy recipe to follow and the flavor was delish!

Next off…. Saturday we did some shopping for the house at Pottery Barn.  Mmm yeah.  We all know how that ends.  Needless to say, an unGodly amount of money spent later and we left with 2 new pillow cases and a long throw pillow (which I will also put pictures up of later this week). I’m obsessed with that store.   There is so much in there I wish I could afford and use in our room! While in there I saw this:

I L-O-V-E this blue and red worn #5 buoy.  Too bad it’s uber expensive.  😦  There was also a super adorable wooden rowing paddle and neat map candles… *sigh*

Onto Sunday.  Em and I woke up early and drove down to Anna Maria.  Remember that gorgeous place I showed you photos of in my post on Thanking God? Yep, that’s where we went again.  This time it was slam packed and the water was a little bit rougher; nonetheless, it was still gorgeous and serene.  We met up with one of my best friends Nikki, her husband Josh, and their edible 7 month old, Jaiden.  We played in the water, lounged, laughed, talked, ate, and drank in the sea and sun from 10 am until around 4.  You had to pry us away from our favorite spot.  Naturally we had lunch at the Sandbar, and you KNOW I had myself another mango colada! 

I figured that this day would be the best photo-op for great candid shots of baby J.  He’s extremely photogenic and he is in love with water!  (Obviously my nephew)  lol.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from Anna Maria:

Mommy and Daddy just gave him a sunscreen mohawk, now he’s giving me a people’s eyebrow.

Such a great shot of Jaiden.

What a goofy boy.

What a smile that seahorse gave him!

Well my friends, that’s all I’m going to post for today, there’s plenty more for me to blog about tomorrow.  Oh! We’ll be getting our wedding album tomorrow as well!  I can’t wait to see Angel and her amazing work!! Yipee!  Have a great night everyone – I’m off to run with my sis in law!