Sometimes you just have to keep on truckin’

I would like to start off this post by telling you that I am no longer employed.  Yes, that’s right.  After all the hooplah I made in my previous posts about how wonderful and perfect my new job was, they decided to hire a full time RN instead.  This meant that they would no longer be able to afford both the full timer and myself; and therefore, they sent me packing.  They are keeping my contact info, and in the case that work picks back up, they will hopefully contact me for more contractual work. 

Needless to say, I was quite upset about the whole situation.  Life was finally taking a turn for the better.  We were less stressed, had a steady income, happy, busy, and everything meshed well with school and work.  Crash.  In an instant everything in that aspect seemed to be in shambles.  It’s so hard to find a job that truly works with you when you’re in grad school.  I keep telling myself that I don’t want to start a full time job and then have to run out on them in a couple weeks when the new semester starts because I don’t have the time.  So… I’ve been searching.  It’s disheartening when you truly enjoyed what you did and now you look at postings of things you’d rather not do.  I applied for a couple positions and have a phone interview with one of them tomorrow.  I’m not sure how I feel about it. 

Em had to give me a serious pep talk yesterday.  I told him in tears that I didn’t want him to have all the financial pressure in our little family.  I wanted to try and work, and I don’t want anyone in his family or my family looking at me like as if I’m a moocher who is doing zilch and using school as an excuse.  He had to calm me down and refocus me.  Seriously refocus me.  (Thank God for this man- he never ceases to amaze me!) He reminded me that the whole reason he took the job in Tampa and that we moved back, was so that there were no more 40 hour work weeks with 20 extra hours of school work after those work hours.  He told me point blank not to stress out about finding a job and relax a little.  Try to focus on house projects and mainly concentrate on school once the new semester starts.  He told me to search for jobs when I had a little extra down time.  As we can see, I didn’t listen very well and am already waiting to see what these positions entail as of tomorrow.  :-/  I’m a serious busy body and overachiever.  I need to quit it and just settle down for a minute.

I’ll keep you abreast.

In other news:

Em and I started a mini herb garden!  We bought a few housewarming herbs for our friends, and along the way picked up a few for ourselves!


We have sweet mint, french lavender, and rosemary.  Mmmm, they are all so fragrant!

In other, other news:

I have started distressing the furniture! YAY! Finally! Today I bought a new bed spread and  throw pillows for our bed, and started sanding and priming my nightstand.  Just gotta knock down the other night stand and desk, then grab some pottery barn pillow covers, and get some nice artwork! 70% there!

 There she is, night stand #1, in all her naked (hehe) glory!

Easily enough, I started to sand away with 120 medium grit sandpaper and then went back over her with 180 grit fine sand paper.

Then I primed her using a nylon/polyester brush with Valspar latex white primer.

And here’s how she currently looks:

This was my audience:

Sorry my reflection is in that one, but Daisy and Maya are something else… I just had to capture that!

So, as you can see, the nightstand is a work in progress, and tomorrow morning I will be adding a navy blue coat, paste wax, a top coat, and hopefully starting to sand away.  I’m going to work on the back side so that way if I don’t like the finished product then no one has to see it! 🙂  Good night gang!