>Sometimes all we need is a little reminder.

Today I figured that I would leave you with a couple reminders as to why you should thank God. These photos were taken today at Anna Maria Island, Florida. Anna Maria is one of the few beaches left that is still unspoiled- there are no hotels, no massive parking garages, no noise but seagulls and waves, and very few people. Ever since being introduced to the island by some friends a few years ago, it has always been my little piece of Heaven, and giant piece of sanity on the west coast of Florida. Some days, you would swear you were in the Bahamas when the light hits the water juuuust right. At low tide sandbars appear half a mile out, and you are able to walk all the way to the sandbar and collect sandollars and starfish. People pull up their sailboats and regular boats to the shore and enjoy a meal and tropical drinks at the infamous “Sandbar Restaurant.” In celebration of 2 A’s in my first grad school classes and the end to a long first semester, I headed to my Heaven with my sister-in-law in tow. Today was filled with sunshine, smiles, floating, swimming, lounging, mango coladas, grouper sandwiches, crabcakes, and shelling. These are the things in life that make me most happy and bring me back to childhood (minus the colada!). By the end of the afternoon neither of us wanted to leave; needless to say we’ll be back in a few weeks from sun rise to sunset. It was a well deserved half day of relaxation, and a great reminder of all the beautiful gifts that God gives to us on a daily basis. We just have to open our eyes and see it: