>On a day with non-to-do lists

Today was the epitome of “The Lazy Song,” and I enjoyed every second of it. It was a day filled with what my best friend and I have called “non-to-do lists.” My non-to-do list today included:

  1. A great 5k run with my bestie
  2. A fabulous Publix sub lunch staring at the ocean
  3. A swim in the sea and the bestie
  4. Golden crisping my skin in sea salt and sunshine
  5. Getting re-aligned by my favorite chiropractor
  6. Setting up my new iPhone (Finally!)
  7. Cooking baked brie, fruits, and artichoke chicken salad for my hubby
  8. Relaxing at home with Em and the girls

Notice how no where in my non-to-do list was there pay the bills, fold the laundry, empty the dishes, write a paper, study for adv patho, work… yeah… basically a way of saying- today was the best day in a long time.

I propose that everyone should be entitled to a non-to-do list day at least once a month. Life gets so busy and we get wrapped up in our little bubbles. Sometimes it is necessary to pop that bubble and restore some normalcy to our lives. Unfortunately, my non-to-do list day will end as of 8 am-ish tomorrow, as I begin to study for my next exam and watch an online lecture. I’ll continue to take some time for myself… well.. accomplish some chores… hoping to wash Sasha (that’s my car which I named to suit her German fierce-ness) and get some pre-moving bathroom shopping done. Then comes some green beer and good food with our friends at The Pub in celebration of St. Patty’s. Tomorrow should turn out to be a pretty good day too. 🙂

My picture for today is- “Something you love.” Love just might be an understatement. Look at that face, we have deep conversations and she totally gets me.

My love, Nee Nee: