>Rise and shine sunshine.

My post to you this morning is from my “work station” in my parent’s house- its really just the dining room table with all my research papers spread around it. My husband and I are housesitting for the week while the family is in Orlando with close friends from Texas. I really wish we could have joined them, but unfortunately Em has to work and I have grad school work on this glorious “Spring Break.” Big news… Em and I are leaving sunny SoFla and moving back to Tampa for the next year and a half. Em got a fantastic job offer with his old company in Tampa, and I will be focusing mainly on Grad School instead of work. Em has brought it to my attention that he does not want me to work 40 hours a week and do school at the same time anymore. I’ve been a neglectful wife spending most nights and weekends with my head in the books. I honestly appreciate the gesture and I think it will be for the best. Luckily, we’ve both lived there before and have friends who live in that area – as well as my townhouse to move back into. Its a bittersweet feeling. Great for the fact that him and I need to get away from this house, and that Em can finally have the breadwinning to make him feel more like the man I know he wants to be. Also great in that I won’t work myself into the ground anymore with school and work… but so sad in that I am leaving my best friend, my family, and my love of south Florida. This place is so unique and beautiful, and I know I’ll be back again.

So anywho- I’m trying out this staying at home thing for the week, my Doc is on vacay, so I used my PTO and decided it would be a great chance to get caught up on work. As you can see it is now 11 am and I have yet to start typing my research paper for the day. *Sigh* If this is a reflection of how it is going to be in Tampa, then I seriously need to work on making a routine. I’ll get on that. So the plan for today is a little blog, a lot of writing, and some time outside doing yard work when the hubs gets home.

I sitll don’t know the direction I’m taking this blog yet, hopefully it will form over the next months as my move begins. Big changes in life ahead. Big. I’m teetering on sharing more of myself with the blog, I’m just a little hesitant to exposure on the internet past FB. Ahhh my crap is all out there anyway… what the heck.

Speaking of FB, they have this 30 day challenge going on where you make an album and fill it with photos that explain some part of you. Sooo… instead of doing it on FB … I’ll try and do a little something on here daily with photos and myself. So today is – posting a photo of something that makes you happy. Today I woke up at 10, the first time in eons I have slept in past 8 am, and I ran to the coffee pot. This blog is dedicated to the nice piping hot cup of coffee I am currently sipping while noshing on my yummy madeline.

Coffee oh coffee, how you put on a smile on my face. Honeslty, this photo is 2-fold. Two things that I am madly in love with- the sea and that big white cup of cafe.

Image credit: http://globalsurfadventures.co.uk/2009/08/