>This is a place for my head, my thoughts, the parts of me. I’m going to attempt to write here in my space as often as I can. Words are good soul food. Input from others provides insight and different points of view. This is my hundredth blog, but this one will be different from the rest. I will remain anonymous. If you find me- you find me. If no one reads, then it is but for myself, but if you happen to stumble upon my thoughts, then leave a comment. Tell me what you feel. Probe my brain, arouse my feelings, awaken my senses. I’m here to learn more about myself- through myself and through others.

.2008 intentions.
I refuse to call them my New Years resolutions. They are never truly resolving much of anything. They are more my intentions to improve upon myself- modes of betterment, ways to enhance what already is.

` `Be happy with my life and job

If I am not happy living where I am, I should move. If I do not like my job, I should seek a fulfilling profession. If I feel that I am not accomplishing things, I should set out to accomplish more.

“Eat Intuitively

No diet. Eat foods that make me feel better. More emphasis on fresh, savor the sweet and delectables. Each slowly, think about my food, eat like the French and make meals celebrations. Eat to live not live to eat.

“Tone my bodice

Not work out like a madwoman. Yoga as often as possible, hot yoga to detox. Enjoy a run, be outdoors, swim, walk, bike ride. Love my body and accept it.

“Find my way back to home

By home I mean the religion I once breathed. I miss my spirituality. I seemed to have lost it somewhere with a disbelief that a heavenly host exists in much that I’ve experienced and all that I’ve seen happen to people in my profession as a nurse. Attending Mass, praying, meditating

“Reveling in the sea.

Obtaining my scuba license. To breathe in an environment not meant for humans, to learn to love and appreciate life and creatures which I have not yet seen.

“Be a vagabond

Travel. Travel. Travel. Get away from my comfort zone, experience all there is. Learn, be cultured.

“Ink me

Mark my skin to remind myself that I should always strive to be like a lotus blossom- wise, and forever blooming and growing.


Pick up the phone and call family. No excuse this time around. They will not be here forever, and neither will I. Time never spent, is forever lost.

“Certificate thyself

Yogi, forensic nurse, nursing informatics, ACLS…. all should be worked on. CEU’s up to date.

“Embellish my hobbies

Photography, interpretation of languages, books, dance, sketching, painting, music, surfing….. do all I can with hobbies.

“Develop my company

Work with another to develop and pursue dreams. Sketch, color, create reality.

“Write a book

serious, quotes, thoughts, silly, children, experiences, life….. when you’ve always wanted to write… do it.